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Spinning Innovation for Today & Tomorrow
       Spinning Innovations for Today & Tomorrow Changing with the times has been the essence of the ever changing and electric world of fashion. With each new day comes a new direction and a new dimension to this dynamic industry. At the helm of it lies the backbone of its existence - Innovation in yarn manufacturing and supplies, the very essence of the beginning of tomorrow. 
       At VARDHMAN, we honour the importance of change Inovation. A quality that has made us the leaders in this field and has bewtowed upon us the recognition of being known as a "Supermarket of High Quality Yarns". Backed with a a state-of-the art plant having an installed capacity of over 8,50,000 spindles, along with two dyeing plants totalling a capacity of over 63.5 tons per day, plus the prestigious ISO 9002 certification. 
        At VARDHMAN we always try to meet and exceed your expectation for Product quality,delivery and service.As partner to our customers we constantly strive to maintain the flexibility in manufacturing and provide service that allows us to respond quickly.